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Arien unveils the Atom 500

By Yoann Besnard on 29 February 2008 | Commentaires (1) Comments | Permalink

Atom_500_ariel Ariel has announced a new version of its Atom model, the Ariel Atom 500. On the menu: 500kg, 500bhp, 100bhp per tonne.

The radical new Atom will be powered by a 500bhp V8 whose provider remains unknown. The engine will be equipped with a supercharger and will feature an alloy construction and a dry slump.

On the outside, the Atom 500 will come with two rear intakes for intercoolers a will feature waith an exclusive colour scheme.

To give you an idea of the sensation provided by a smaller Atom, the 300, look at the video below.


Posted by: Matthew | Oct 6, 2008 12:36:33 AM

The calculation in your stats is wrong, should be 1000bhp per tonne, not 100.


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