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Tata and British union meet thsi week after rumours about a Jaguar sale emerges

By Yoann Besnard on 20 February 2008 | Commentaires (0) Comments | Permalink

Tata executives will meet with officials of the British union representing Ford to talk on the bid over Jaguar and Land Rover. The discussion might be hot as an insider told InsideLine the Indian carmaker plans to sell off the Jaguar brand as soon as it acquires it from Ford.

The British union had given its support to Tata in last November as the carmaker promised to keep all the jobs in the UK. But in three months a lot has changed. "We haven't really met Tata yet since the presentation last year, so this will be a very important meeting," Eddie Barrett of Unite told media. Barrett said there are 7,000 jobs at stake in the two companies and that "there is no reason to believe any of it is going to be affected."

On the other hand, Land Rover has all support form Tata, but once again the future might shadowed for British workers. InsideLine reports that company head Ratan Tata has bought a 450-acre plot of land outside New Delhi where he plans to build a new Land Rover factory.

None of the rumors above have been confirmed by other sources, but in last November Petrol-Head wrote about the possible transfer of the production to India.


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