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2009 Sponsor Party

By Dick Pierson on 30 March 2009 | Commentaires (0) Comments | Permalink

Following the tradition started by our good friend Christophe Schwartz for the Le Mans Classic events, our 2009 Sponsor Party was a success.


On Friday evening we hosted our 2009 Sponsor party in the airplane hanger owned by team driver Jeff Powell. All those in attendance had a good time, got to meet the drivers one on one and had a great chance to see (and hear) the car personally.


Dick explains tire width requirements to one of our guests.


Dorothy and Donna, enjoy a good time at the party.


Special Guest Maddie Pust gets a chance to sit in the 1996 Corvette Race Car, a special treat for "the future race driver". We're always looking for "new talent" !

For those in attendance later on in the afternoon we had a special little treat, a quick run of the car for a couple of laps in front of the hanger. All were impressed with the speed, acceleration capability and braking capacity of the car in such a short distance. We received lots of nice comments on how good the car looked, ran (and how loud it was) and impressive it looks at a distance. 

A good time was had by all in attendance. Final plans were made for the 2009 season, the tracks we will be racing were announced and travel plans were discussed. Looks like we will have a great year this season, a few sponsors announced they will be attending the events to help with the car and suppport our efforts, which is always welcome. It never hurts to have more help there is always something to do in the pits during race weekend so I doubt anyone will find themselves without a job (or two) during race days.

Next up: Our 2009 race schedule - watch this blog for the upcoming schedule.


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