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Built by Petty: 1970s Mopars in NASCAR

By smgenglish SOCIAL MEDIA on 17 November 2009 | Commentaires (0) Comments | Permalink

Driver seat Part of the deal that brought Richard Petty back to Chrysler after his 1969 Fomoco excursion, was that Petty Enterprise would build and sell complete cars, chassis and components to NASCAR and USAC racers through the Chrysler performance catalogue. So what was before exclusively in Nichels hands went to Lee Petty, as ordered by Chrysler's racing boss Ronnie Householder. The Pettys built quite a few chassis and there are still about a dozen around at various museums and collectors. Here are a few shots of one example that can allow you to tell a real Petty car from the others.



Very smart dry sump tank location in the fender!




The huge bolt on bracket allowed the use of larger than life torsion bars!


Upper A-arm attachment look stock but has different angle left and right. Our car was run in USAC where there was no roadcourse and the longest oval was 1.5 miles, so my guess is that Hartman, who built the Feldner car, used a short track type chassis from Petty.


A view of the huge transmission crossmember from underneath.


Front axle overview 


Rollcage crosstubes


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