Thursday 24th August 2017,

GreenGT H2 to mess with the big boys at Le Mans

IMG_2473The GreenGT H2 is the first prototype electric/hydrogen competition car. The GreenGT H2 project was selected in June 2011 by the French Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO), as an innovative project. GreenGT was invited to participate on the June 3rd Test Day of the 2012 Le Mans 24 Hours event. As the autonomy of lithium/ion batteries was found to be inapropriate for endurance racing, hydrogen very quickly became the prefered option. In 2011, a 100 kW fuel cell that can be mounted in both competition and road cars was developed under GreenGT’s guidance. This fuel cell system has been tested and is now operational. Since then, GreenGT has begun the construction of a new high power fuel cell system that provides a linear power of 340kW, or 460Hp. In parallel, a new lightweight twin-engine powertrain, providing up to 400kW or 540Hp, has been developed for this prototype. Control electronics and telemetry of the last generation will ensure the very best performance of the prototype on the track. To comply with FIA regulations and safety standards, a specific chassis has been designed. This was built for GreenGT by Gerard Welter & Vincent Soulignac, well known to Le Mans fans, in compliance with the new technical constraints required for GreenGT and its innovative concepts.

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