Thursday 24th August 2017,

Last spies of the new Mercedes S-Class

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Mercedessclass003 Yes, the last ones for the official presentation to the press will take place next Monday. On these photos, we notice moulded wheel arches recalling those of the Mazda RX8. A good reference! The tailgate may look quite similar to that of the BMW 7-series, which is more disputable. Even more disputable, in my view, is the iDrive-like system in the cockpit of the new Merck. Indeed, just like in the BMW, there’s a rotary button between the front seats and an additional screen on the centre of the facia. Did Mercedes’s designers lack inspiration?

The new W221 will have the tough task of re-editing the success of its predecessor, which has sold 480,000 copies hitherto. New four-valve-per-cylinder V6 and V8 engines should replace the actual ones, with 3 valves per cylinder only. There are even talks of an impressive V12 CDI. Besides, AMG is said to be developing a 6.5 biturbo V12 delivering 630bhp! They could be coupled with a 7-speed automatic gearbox whose lever will be mounted behind the wheel.

Apparently, Mercedes has paid a great attention to meet the US market requirements, a market where the BMW 7-Series meets considerable success.


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