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Found in a barn in Iowa: NASCAR Dodge Charger with Petty chassis

By Social Media on 12 August 2010 | (3) Comments | Permalink

#28 rh side

From time to time, well preserved former NASCAR glories surface here and there. This one has a 1974 Dodge Charger body on a late 60s or very early 70s Petty chassis. It might have well been a Superbird, but only that car can tell!

#28 sb engine
Where once a 426 HEMI bellowed, now a small block resides. This could indicate that it was raced upo until 1977, when the body was still elligible.

#28 side from rear

#28 sideview

#28 trunk lh

#28 trunk rh

#28 carburetor
It looks like the restrictor plate is still under the Holley carburetor. However, this Holley does not look like a Grand National piece, but more something from a late model.

#28 dash lh
A peak of the interior, where you can see the typical Petty crossmember. It looks like the interior was red in its day.

#28 dash
Pop riveted inside door panels could be a hint to the late sixties origin of this MOPAR.

#28 driver pos
Three bar headrest: another hint to Petty Enterprise origin!

#28 front end lh
The front of the chassis looks newer. The original was probably replaced after a crash.

#28 front end

#28 front fender

#28 front suspension
Drum brakes in the front indicate that it might have well been a super speedway car!

#28 rear bumper
Now who had #28 in Grand National or Winston Cup or ARCA in 1977 ?

#28 rear end cooler
The typical squirrel wheel cooler for the rear end or transmission.

#28 sb lh


Posted by: Sentnsfabricatr | Aug 31, 2010 9:29:56 PM

Do you have any more information on this car? Who found it, how did they find it?


Posted by: Doug Abry | Sep 22, 2010 1:14:05 PM



Posted by: Doug Abry | Sep 22, 2010 1:14:58 PM



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