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Spyshots: Hyundai i50

By Yoann Besnard on 21 November 2007 | (1) Comments | Permalink

At the last New York Motor Show, the Korean manufacturer had unveiled Hyundai Genesis concept car to gauge public reaction to the idea of a Hyundai premium model. Almost everybody acclaimed the styling exercise that previewed the future Genesis saloon. Unfortunately, imagine a threesome between the Lexus LS460, the BMW 5-Series and a Toyota Crown, and you will get the car you see here. The production version is a disappointment.

Forget the slender lines of the concept car, the Genesis saloon uses styling clues from the LS 460 for the fascia. The rear end is similar to the Crown's and the general shape takes inspiration from the BMW 5-Series.

Due to be unveiled at the next Detroit Motor Show, the Genesis will be based on the BH platform shared with the new Hyundai coupé. Secrecy continues to surround the exact spec of the future saloon, although it is known it will feature the new Theta V8 engine. According to various sources, it will produce more than 300 bhp.

The Genesis represents Hyundai's serious attempt on the competitive American executive saloons. At around $30,000, it will be less expensive than the ubiquitous Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Lexus and Mercedes.


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