Tuesday 21st March 2017,

Granny Andrea on Le Mans 24 Hours GTE AM podium

Doran Andrea Robertson LM24 2011 She was all smiles as she got out of her sizzling Doran Ford GT. And she had good reason to smile, because she became the first women to be on a Le Mans 24 Hours podium since 1931! Andrea Robertson, mother of one and grandmother of three, and her husband David, associated to driving instructor David Murry finished their first (and probably last) Le Mans 24 Hours with flying colors as 26th overall and 3rd in GTE AM class!

While David Murry managed so-so-OK lap times in the 4min15 range, car and team owners, as well as, gentleman and lady drivers Andrea and David Robertson, were more in the not-so-quick 4min30 plus lap times.

Doran Ford GT box LM24 2011

Even as many pro drivers from Audi and Oreca complained loudly about the irrationnal lines they drove (that is why such amateurs will probably not allowed to race at the Le Mans 24 Hours in the coming years), the numer 68 Ford GT did its laps and the flamboyant trio had a dream come true finish. Our favourite was clearly Andrea, who does not dye her hair, does not have silicon body enhancements, is a true speaker and just had the time of her life!

Doran Ford GT LM24 2011

Way to go, Madame! Now here is one granny who sure has a great story to tell her grand kids and grand grand kids by the fireplace during the coming winters!

Pictures by Christophe Schwartz

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