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Automotive atrocities : Bond Bug

By Yoann Besnard on 21 November 2005 | (3) Comments | Permalink

Bondbugbrochure1_1The Bond Bug could be the automobile equivalent of Cheddar.  It is the colour of Cheddar, it resembles a car just like Cheddar resembles cheese, but its three wheels make you doubt it from the start just like the initial tasting of Cheddar makes you regret the experiment.

The Bug is the fruit of a team of men who aim to marry the best of two car manufacturers. On my left, the British manufacturer Bond with the heterogeneous catalogue which ranged from the jet ski to the three wheeled car while also including 2 litres coupes with the evocative name of "Bombshell". Bondbugbrochure3On my right the other British craftsman of the three wheeled car, Reliant, which purchased the first one in 1969. The power taken by Reliant predicted the worst and the inconceivable happened.  In a stroke of genius, they decided to design a three wheeled car in the spirit of the late Bombshell coupes. In order to be ‘hip’, they asked the famous Ogle studio to design the new car, and the studio did its best to draw an inimitable car.

The distinguishing feature of the Bug was that it was available in a single colour, orange, which enhanced a slender shape where aesthetic research and economy dominated: the originally retractable headlights for aesthetic concerns became fixed for accounting concerns; the cockpit opened completely conferring on all drives a space mission ambiance while the doors were out of plastic to reduce the cost; finally, the optional black stripes on the side pillars conferring on Bug its sporting character completed the piece of work.

Bondbugbrochure2All this work with an unanticipated result was nothing compared with handling of the Bug. The problem was that this bug was lighter than an insect and the addition of the driver in the equation transformed the handling in an amusing way.  Numbers of driver tried to improve this by installing a sand bag in the trunk, but the operation caused the unexpected effect of the front wheel lifting off the ground. With those inimitable qualities and a high price, one will understand well that the Bug had some difficulties in meeting with success, something which surprised the optimistic managers who had built more than 350 units in anticipation. This failure announced the end for Bond, but not for Bug, which continued its career at Reliant and found nearly 2 500 owners during its five years of production.


Posted by: elisabeth | Dec 2, 2005 12:54:18 PM

Hello ! can we drink Canada Dry in the Bong Bug ? ... ;)


Posted by: Jeremy Jachimiak | Mar 4, 2007 10:19:52 PM

Nice car I remember mine 1977 the only car in neath South wales ,that could drive drive over the pedrestion bridge over the river and evade the cops to the outher side of town, Fuck the pigs ha ha ,they always ad in for the jacksons brothers they could never suss out why we disapeared out of town.
Fekin idjiots, [thats irish for fucking idiots]
as I live in ireland now.




Posted by: Alex Jackson | Dec 6, 2011 11:39:03 PM

well if it isnt uncle jeremy...believe it or not...cops still have it in for the Jacksons...only its the younger three brothers they fookin hate now haha


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