Sunday 01st March 2015,

1st Miller High Life 500 at Ontario Speedway 1971

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Here is what Dick Pierson said about that little NASCAR film:

You need to go to the 4:50 to 4:56 or so, you will see a No. 41 car, that is Hershel McGriff out of Portland having a pit stop. But the real interesting part for you is – you will notice there is a guy holding up a gas fill can and at 4:55 he turns with his face directly into the camera. That is "Duck" Collins – the guy that was the brain behind the Oly Charger that ran Le Mans in 1976. We built the car is his garage at his home in NE Portland. He worked for Hershel off and on for awhile and went to Le Mans with the car.

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