Sunday 01st March 2015,

HEMI barbecue sauce @ Arrington Engines HEMI Shop

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Hemi bbq sauce With the BBQ season well on its way, here is what you need to match that HEMI car that you have in your driveway, garage, trailer or on the racetrack. It can be ordered directly from Arrington Engines out of Martinsville, Virginia, by clicking here! Here is what Shop HEMI says about this superior sauce: The original Mopar recipe to HEMI power your next meal. Next time you grill out let others know what kind of power a HEMI packs. This sauce has just the right amount of heat and comes in an 18oz collectable glass jar that makes a statement even when the barbecue sauce is gone. Get your grill on!

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  1. Hemi Hot Rods May 15, 2010 at 12:49 am

    Now that’s the bomb! I have seen some novelty products in my time but this takes the cake or sauce if you will. If you guys are interested in some additional advertising I would love to put this on my site Hemi Hot Rods (Free of charge as always of course) just let me know?

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