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By lizrosier on 7 April 2006 | Commentaires (0 ) Comments | Permalink

Growing up in the good old USA and with a family like mine, there has always been a certain amount of "auto-knowledge" expected. But, living in this big wide world of men and their toys has always been a little difficult for a woman like me. Being half girly-girl and half outdoors girl, it can be a tough life to balance. I abhor women who cry over broken nails or tan till their skin turns orange and rubbery. I like camping and don't mind going witout a shower for a couple days. However, put me underneath a car and I have a panic attack! I know how to do an oil change, but have I ever done it? No! I always resort to batting the eyelashes and asking Dad or the current boyfriend.

The men in my life have almost all been into race cars, Harley's and/or hot-rod's and I confess, I do like the look of a Fat-boy or the custom interior of an old Cadillac. An uncle of mine has a Charger he's racing at the Le Mans Classic in July (www.olympia-charger.com) In that light, I really have done my best to learn to understand what they're talking about! Most of the time I end up saying stupid things like, "What's a carburetor again?" or "Dad, why is my car making that funny ticking noise?" I must say, my guys have always been dilligent with explanation, but most out there just give the eye-rolling,"You're an idiot" facial expression and walk away.

So, here I am. I've been given this great oppurtunity to write about cars from a women's perspective. My goal for upcoming blogs will be to not only have fun and comment on the "pretty" autos, but also to actually learn something. Then the next time I see a hot guy with a sweet car, I can impress him with my "motor-skills", because after all, that is the single women's ultimate goal. Plus, being the opinionated girl that I am, I cannot wait to add my thoughts, photos, and even frustrations as I go along! Lastly, I ask the men reading this to have patience and give feedback not with annoyance, but knowing that there are girls out there who really want to understand!


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