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Spyshots: next-generation E63 AMG

By Yoann Besnard on 9 May 2008 | Commentaires (0) Comments | Permalink

Mercedes_benz_e63_amg Here are some spyshots of the next-generation high-performance E63 AMG due to be unveiled next year.

Like the current model, the E63 AMG will be the only E-Class version to feature four tailpipes. The spotted E63 AMG also featured large perforated brake discs with heavy-duty callipers. The super-saloon is expected to come with aggressive front and rear bumpers and forged alloy wheels like the C63 AMG.

Recently, AMG had announced the horsepower war was over, but this future iteration of the AMG family will still get a power boost. While the current model offers 500bhp, the next E63's powertrain will likely deliver 550bhp. However, for the first time, the German carmaker won't try to take the lead and the power output will be below that of the Audi RS6.

Instead of following Audi in the power race, company's engineers have focused on improving handling and chassis strength.They will try to accomplish again what they did with the C63 AMG. The E63 AMG is reported to come with sit on a widened front track, while the steering will feature a unique ratio, different from the normal E-Class models.

The E63 AMG is rumoured to be unveiled at the same as the full range, at the next year Geneva Motor Show.

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