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Focus on the Facts

By lizrosier on 25 April 2006 | Commentaires (1) Comments | Permalink

Mynissan Today is a day like no other. Among dealing with things like commission-paid work(God help me!)and a massive chocolate addiction, now I must face the fact that my poor little Nissan is finally breaking apart. The starter is making that awful grinding noise, both chrome bumpers are dented, the tranny is slowing, the windshield is dinged in several places and a squeaking noise is coming from the front somewhere. It truly is a sad day for me, not only because I love my dirty,dented, rust-spotted baby, but because today I was offered a 2001 Ford Focus ZX3 with low mileage for the price of $6000.

I7569_1_5 In that light, I'll make 3 points. First of all, my entire life the words,"Ford sucks!" have been drilled into my head by various sources. How many times have I seen the bumper stickers with a picture of Calvin peeing on a Ford logo? Not to dis Ford. Really. It's just what I've been taught. Second, I'm totally turned off by hatchbacks. There is no vehicle less sexy. And I absolutely abhor tiny vehicles. I don't think anything can make me feel more claustrophobic, not even being stuck in an elevator with Carrot Top. How in the hell do I fit all my camping gear in the trunk? Where do I put my kayak? Certainly, not on the roof. It may cave in!I can probably fit more people in the extend-cab of my truck then in a hatchback! Clearly, you can tell I'm bitter. Lastly, six thousand dollars for a car the size of my fist? To me,someone who lives off commissions, that's like paying twenty dollars for a snowcone with no flavoring. I can buy half of a new truck for that price,drive on two wheels, and I'd be happy.

Ok, ok, in all seriousness, I really am in a rut about all of this. I do need a new vehicle and the person who offered it is great and wouldn't screw me around. The hatchback, I'm sure, is very econonmical, especially in these days of totally insane gas prices. Ford most likely isin't as bad as I've been told. It's just that your car is a major part of your life, therefore a major part of you. I know what my father would say right now."Such is life! You'll never get exactly what you want, so suck it up and stop whining!" Ok, Dad, your right. Getting from A to B is more important than looking hot and going 4x4-ing. But, let me ask ya, would you give up your Corvette for a Pinto in the name of economics? Didn't think so.

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Cool commercials

By lizrosier on 17 April 2006 | Commentaires (0) Comments | Permalink

Ok-for those of you that have already seen this video, you don't have to watch. But, this would literally be a dream come true for women. For those of us who perpetually need bigger purses, how cool would this be? http://www.stupidvideos.com/video/video/commercials/car_for_women/

Also,check out this great commercial I found for Peugeot. Not sure I'd really wanna do that to my car, but it's the idea that counts!Dream Car

My advice to the guys today: Don't buy your dream car until you know it'll be you driving it and not your wife! Afterall, ladies come first!

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My First Car

By lizrosier on 13 April 2006 | Commentaires (0) Comments | Permalink

79coltdg2 When I turned 19, I decided it was finally time to get my driver's liscence and buy a car. I remember thinking, "I'm gonna get a 4x4 truck or a nice Jeep!" Then I came home one day and my sweet mother had bought me this exact car. A 1979 Dodge Colt, lemon yellow (and a lemon, it was) with ugly black racing stripes. Not to mention I didn't know how to drive a stick. After 2 months, that car was dead. I had rode the clutch and grinded gears so much, it couldn't have lasted much longer than that anyway. That poor car went through hell with me behind the wheel.

To start with, not a week into owning it, my genius boyfriend put diesel in it. Need I say more? After that was fixed, we proceeded to take it 4x4-ing out in the boonies, getting it high-centered and having to walk 5 miles back to town to call a tow truck. Fun fun. And last, but not the only other thing that I did to that poor car, the town I lived in had one main road with a big hill seperating the two sides of town. Be it bad driving or dead car, I couldn't make it up that hill and proceeded to roll backwards, screaming at the people behind me to get out of the way. Looking back on that now, I laugh of course, but at the time...well...I'm sure you can imagine. I was so embarrassed, I called my poor mother and chewed her out for putting me through such hell. It was all her fault for buying the stupid thing!! Ten years and a couple of cars later, I've made peace with my mom, stopped 4x4-ing with vehicles that aren't supposed to 4x4, and become a much better driver!

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By lizrosier on 10 April 2006 | Commentaires (0) Comments | Permalink

Naz75  Ever since I was a little girl, I've wanted a monster truck. Ha ha guys...laugh it up. I know what your thinking,"She wouldn't even be able to get up into that truck!" Oh, but, let me assure you...you'd be surprised at how I'd handle myself. All the years of dirt-bike riding and 4x4-ing have taught me a just a little bit. It's the power and the safety about big trucks that feel so great. Sometimes, in rush-hour traffic, when I'm driving in my little Nissan pickup, I fantasize about driving over everyone to get to my exit. Maybe that's why I have so many traffic tickets, ha ha.  If only...sigh...someday I'll have my dream.

Photo_5 In the meantime, I'll take a nice new Toyota with all the fixin's.Sleek, reliable, still a truck, and if I'm good, I just might be able to drive over a few things and get dirty now and then. Is that too much to ask?

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Looking for you NOW!

By smgenglish SOCIAL MEDIA on 10 April 2006 | Commentaires (0) Comments | Permalink

Want Petrol-Head is moving places after being put on hold for some valuable thinking time. In the footsteps of its sister publications in France leblogauto.com (600 000 unique visitors, 1.3M page impressions and 3000 reader comments per month), it is now recruiting a team of 10 bloggers.

Petrol-Head has signed a major partnership with a well known European Sport TV Channel website(yes that one) to produce THE ULTIMATE CAR BLOG.

We are looking for talented writers (you don't need to be a journalist) who are passionate about cars, the industry and motorsport. Writing skills, a passion for cars and a sense of humour are qualities we're looking for.

The selection process starts now, write to us with a couple of original sample articles on anything relating to automotive news at ...

PS: We are also recruiting for dasautoblog in Germany, so if German is your language, feel free to use the same mail to apply...

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By lizrosier on 7 April 2006 | Commentaires (0 ) Comments | Permalink

Growing up in the good old USA and with a family like mine, there has always been a certain amount of "auto-knowledge" expected. But, living in this big wide world of men and their toys has always been a little difficult for a woman like me. Being half girly-girl and half outdoors girl, it can be a tough life to balance. I abhor women who cry over broken nails or tan till their skin turns orange and rubbery. I like camping and don't mind going witout a shower for a couple days. However, put me underneath a car and I have a panic attack! I know how to do an oil change, but have I ever done it? No! I always resort to batting the eyelashes and asking Dad or the current boyfriend.

The men in my life have almost all been into race cars, Harley's and/or hot-rod's and I confess, I do like the look of a Fat-boy or the custom interior of an old Cadillac. An uncle of mine has a Charger he's racing at the Le Mans Classic in July (www.olympia-charger.com) In that light, I really have done my best to learn to understand what they're talking about! Most of the time I end up saying stupid things like, "What's a carburetor again?" or "Dad, why is my car making that funny ticking noise?" I must say, my guys have always been dilligent with explanation, but most out there just give the eye-rolling,"You're an idiot" facial expression and walk away.

So, here I am. I've been given this great oppurtunity to write about cars from a women's perspective. My goal for upcoming blogs will be to not only have fun and comment on the "pretty" autos, but also to actually learn something. Then the next time I see a hot guy with a sweet car, I can impress him with my "motor-skills", because after all, that is the single women's ultimate goal. Plus, being the opinionated girl that I am, I cannot wait to add my thoughts, photos, and even frustrations as I go along! Lastly, I ask the men reading this to have patience and give feedback not with annoyance, but knowing that there are girls out there who really want to understand!

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