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Nissan Silvia comes back in 2010

By Yoann Besnard on 30 November 2007 | Commentaires (1) Comments | Permalink

This is not the first time we heard about a future Silvia, but this time the rumour might be true. According to various sources, the car has already been given the green light by Carlos Ghosn and the carmaker’s COO Toshiyuki Shiga. The coupé will be introduced within three years. A new model beneath the Z and the GT-R would reinforce Nissan's line-up. It would also help Nissan to seduce young buyers on the Japanese market where sales have been sluggish for many years.

Mystery surrounds the future model, although some observers try to guess the car's spec. According to the Japanese magazine, Best Car, the future Silvia would share its underpinning with the future Z and would feature a 2.0-litre 4 cylinders engine provided by Renault Sport. The coupé would provide seating for four persons. On the Japanese market, the car would be sold at around £10,000. There are no information regarding a potential sale in Europe. If Nissan sold it on our market, the car would likely be twice more expensive than the Japanese model.

In Europe, Nissan would benefit from the image generated by the previous generations, and might be a serious contender for German carmakers and, of course, the future Laguna coupé.

Source: Best Car


Posted by: Leighton | Dec 7, 2007 10:59:32 PM

I really love the sound of this. I hope it is true. A the owner of an S14 silvia, i can say that they are great cars. Yes it has been dwarfed by its big brother the Skyline but it is still good. Well built, cheap to maintain, and better in mileage than the Skyline. Its a true drivers car; 5 speed manual, rear wheel drive. If this car comes out, and comes FR, and is cheaper than Sky, no matter what they call it, its a Silvia to me.


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