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Spyshot: Mercedes-Benz CLC

By Yoann Besnard on 23 November 2007 | Commentaires (0) Comments | Permalink

Here is the spyshot of the next generation C-class Sport Coupe, which will be on sale next year. The little C-class will adopt a new name, CLC, for the occasion. This time, it will face serious contender, the BMW 1-Series Coupe, and the latter might already be the winner.

Like its predecessor, the CLC will be based on the C-class platform. Nevertheless, information differ from one source to another. Some sources said the CLC will be based on the former C-class platform while others claimed it would be derived from the recently launched new C-class. The new spyshots might give us a clue, especially the interior styling. Mercedes-Benz kept the current dash structure instead of adopting the new C-class'. Maybe the German car maker tries to cut cost. In this situation , the CLC would rather be based on the former C-calss platform.

The CLC will feature a lightly revised exterior with a new front taking cues from the saloon and a rear similar to the outgoing generation. Do not expect a revolution with the CLC and it might be a mistake for Mercedes-Benz. If it is not appealing for everybody, the BMW 1-Series Coupe does not make you feel to face a shortened upper model. This is a real car. This is less true for the future CLC.


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