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Iran_Khodro's global car to be launched in 2011

By Yoann Besnard on 13 December 2007 | Commentaires (0) Comments | Permalink

Iran_khodro_samandIn an interview with Reuters, Iran_Khodro's CEO Manouchehr Manteghi said that the car will be finance by Muslim countries and built in three countries, Iran of course, but also Malaysia and Turkey, the only two other Muslim markets to have decent automotive industries.

Proton CEO Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir had said in an interview in November that the future car would feature specific Islamic equipments but Iran_Khodro CEO said such features were not planned as the car is expected to be sold worldwide. However he added that each country will be able to add its own equipment.
At this stage, details remain scarce but the car will sold at a price tag between £4,300 and £5,700. and will target markets in Africa, the Middle East and southeast Asia.

The original idea might sound a bit ridiculous and too much political but with a market of 1.1-1.8 billion Muslims, the effort mustn't be ignored and the case followed with interest.


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