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Nissan might axe the Titan

By Yoann Besnard on 18 December 2007 | Commentaires (0) Comments | Permalink

The Nissan Titan has been a failure as sales has picked to 60,691 vehicles for the first eleven months of this year while its direct competitor, Toyota Tundra, has been sold at 177,336 units over the same period. With such low figures, Titan's profitability has been compromised and Nissan-Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn is seriously considering killing the pickup.

The pickup market has been sluggish in recent years and there is a fierce struggle on for a pie. Added to forecasted higher gas prices, the Titan's future looks shadowed. Axing the product would be the last solution as Carlos Ghosn would prefer a partnership with another car maker. Last Friday it was rumoured that Nissan was in talks with Chrysler on a possible partnership. For Chrysler, it would be an opportunity to reduce costs at a time when the American brand struggles financially to survive.


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