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Next-generation 7-series to to come with eight-speed transmission

By Yoann Besnard on 17 April 2008 | Commentaires (0) Comments | Permalink

Spyshots_bmw_7 After the power race, premium carmakers seem to be launched in an automatic transmission race. After Mercedes who launched its seven-speed automatic gearbox and Lexus who stepped up with eight-speed gearbox, BMW will feature its first eight-speed gearbox on the next-generation 7-Series.

Due to be unveiled at the next Paris Motor Show, the new flagship saloon will be the first  carmaker’s model to be equipped an eight-speed automatic gearbox. Among other changes, the gearstick will be moved from its controversial position behind the wheel to the central console.

Technically, the new gearbox will be as large as the six-speed unit offered in the current model. One does expect the eight-speed gearbox to be smoother and the carmaker expects the future gearbox to increase its flagship’s fuel efficiency by 6 per cent.

Along with this new gearbox, the future 7-Series will feature a more classical design as spyshots have revealed until now.


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