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Latest EuroNcap results

By Stéphane Schlesinger on 28 June 2005 | Commentaires (0) Comments | Permalink

The EuroNcap has just released new results

Stilo_2005_front - Fiat Stilo **** Test Scores: Front 11 (69%), side 15 (83%), 1 belt reminder. Overall 27.  Pedestrian 8 (22%), child protection 37 (76%)
Strong, stable body for the Fiat which, strangely enough was tested 4 years only after its launch.
However, the driver undergoes high loads on his chest while legs are not so well protected. The Stilo offers good protection for children but not for pedestrians.
Fairly good on the whole.

Logan_2005_front - Dacia Logan ***  Test Scores: Front 8 (50%), side 11 (61%). Overall 19, pedestrian 5 (14%)  child protection 31 (63%) As expected, relatively poor results for the low-cost saloon made by Renault and badged Dacia, despite the fact it shares its platform with the new Clio. Feet and legs are at risk while side impact protection is notoriously feeble. However the structure remains quite steady.

Clio_2005_front - Renault Clio*****  Test Scores: Front 14 (88%) , side 18 (100%) 1 belt reminder. Overall 33.  Pedestrian 9 (25%), child protection 39 (80%).

Very strong performance for Renault’s new supermini, which offers a sound structure and protects children very well. On the other hand, it’s still dangerous for pedestrians.

Vel_satis_2005 - Renault Vel Satis ***** Test Scores: Front 14 (88%), side 18 (100%), 2 belt reminders. 2 Overall 34.  Pedestrian 2 (6%)

With its facelift, the big Renault gained a belt reminder which granted it one more point. Impressive results on the whole, but a 2003 Vel Satis performed the same way. 

Smart_2005_front - Smart Forfour **** Test Scores: Front 12 (75%) , side 13 (72%), 1 belt reminder. Overall 26.  Pedestrian 7 (19%), child protection 18 (37%) Good but not excellent, the Clio did much better. Risks of knee injuries and high loads on the passengers’ chests during the side impact.

Aclass_2005_front - Mercedes A Class ***** Test Scores: Front 15 (94%), side 18 (100%), 3 belt reminders. Overall 36.  Pedestrian 17 (47%), child protection 38 (78%). Almost the best possible mark for this impressive Mercedes. The structure remains very steady, all the safety devices perform remarkably well. Pedestrian protection average though.

3series_2005_front - BMW 3 series ***** Test Scores: Front 16 (100%), side 17 (94%) 2 belt reminders. Overall 35.  Pedestrian 4 (11%), child protection 39 (80%). Not much to comment on this saloon which offers its passengers a remarkable protection. What an improvement when compared to the 1997 BMW 3 Series! Poor pedestrian protection.

The EuroNcap claims it's a fully independant organization that buys cars anonymously before crashing them. How did they proceed with the Clio III which will go on sale in September only? Besides, what's the point in testing the Vel Satis a second time while its only modification is a second belt reminder?

Why was the Fiat Stilo tested after 4 years only? Why didn't they ever crash an Alfa 156?

Eventually, cars that have been significantly modified have never been granted a second test. I think of the Alfa 147, Citroen Xsara or Audi A4, while the Laguna was tested in 2001 and 2003...


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