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GM recalls 90,000 vehicles

By Yoann Besnard on 22 November 2007 | Commentaires (0) Comments | Permalink

December means Christmas and GM thought at its customers in its own way! The American car maker will recall 90,000 vehicles to operate several fixes.

If you are one of the 20,514 happy owners of a 2001 model Saturn L-Series equipped with a 2.2-litre engine, you will need to go to your closest Saturn dealer to get the timing chain fixed. It might separate while the engine is running.

If you didn't choose the roof airbags option or the sunroof option when buying an Equinox, pictured, or Torrent SUV, GM is expecting 57,100 of you to come to install more foam in the windshield pillars to prevent head injury in the event of a crash.

Finally, 11,974 owners of Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra will have to go to the dealer to fix a faulty crankshaft position sensor, which could cause the engine to stall


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