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Tata to unveil its low cost car in January

By Yoann Besnard on 20 December 2007 | Commentaires (0) Comments | Permalink

While bidding for Jaguar and Land Rover, the Indian car maker is working hard to finish its low cost car. In the case of Tata, a normal model costs £5-6,000 so its budget car will be offered for less than £1,300.

The small car will be officially unveiled at the New Delhi Motor Show next year and Tata executives have released some details about the car. On the inside it will be roomy enough for a six foot person and Tata has used more plastics to reduce weight. Secrecy surrounds the engine spec but RA Mashelkar, a nonexecutive director on Tata Motors' board, told the AP that “It's an eco-car with a 25km-per-litre mileage on petrol” which “meets every international standard and specification, including Euro-4 norms”. He also said thatthe car would offer perfromabce similar to the ubiquitous Maruti 800.

Suzuki won't directly answer Tata's new car but will unveil its own low cost model at the same Motor Show.


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